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Dave Whipp, LLC provides custom training products and events for companies and organizations. The training is precisely tailored to your needs for staff, customers, patients, clients, and students using the straightforward training development process illustrated below.

  The Training Process  

Identify Need

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Develop Training

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Provide Training

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What is training? Training changes the knowledge and skills of trainees. Training has many different names depending on the goals and target audience:

  • Staff Development improves knowledge and skills of existing employees.
  • Marketing is training for potential customers.
  • Customer Support is training for existing customers.
  • Patient Education helps patients provide self-care and make informed health decisions.
  • Outreach delivers important information to clients, patients, students, and the general public.
  • Recruiting provides important information to potential employees and students.

What types of training are effective? Our Training Services page outlines four broad categories of training:

How do I learn more? The printable Training Plan document outlines the steps involved in developing training. Our production approach encourages your organization to provide as much of the material and effort as you choose. If you are interested in video training , take a look at our notes on Developing Training from PowerPoint.

You can download a brochure that explains the services offered. The brochure is set up to be printed on both sides of the paper and trifolded. The quality of the graphics in this file have been reduced to keep the file size small so please contact us for a printed version. You can also download Dave's Resume and check Dave's LinkedIn profile.

How do we get started? E-mail or telephone us about your training goals. There is no charge for an initial conversation. We can look at your training goals, audience, and budget to plan a customized training program that meets both your needs and the needs of the trainees. We are experienced at developing quality training materials on a limited budget.

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