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Developing Video-Based Training

Graphic taken from a video training program.Dave Whipp, LLC encourages you to be involved in the production of your training program. If we are developing computer-based video training from PowerPoint slides, you can have hands-on involvement in the scripting, slide development, and narration. You can do as much, or as little, of the work as you wish and use the project as a learning experience for your next program.

If you haven't watched the video demonstration, you may want to take a look to learn what features are available with this system. You may also want to look at the Training Plan document to help organize your work.

If you are comfortable with developing PowerPoint slides, you may want to do some or all of the slide development. Setting up a show for conversion to video is a bit different than doing one for live training, so please check this page of PowerPoint Tips. Remember that slides that are to be narrated can have numerous animations, more than would be comfortable to use for live training. The slides need to hold the viewer's interest as there is no live trainer in front of the room.

You can provide the narration for the program. If you or a staff member has done some narration, the process is fairly simple. You can use a computer in a quiet room as your recording device. We have put together a few Narration Tips that may help you develop the audio portion of the training. We do suggest that you have a neutral, honest person listen to the narration to ensure that the quality is appropriate to the training.