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Training Services

Dave Whipp, LLC provides a range of services to meet your training needs. We will work with you to develop the system that is best for you and your audience. We can work with material you have already developed or we can start from scratch. The four training options listed below: Packaged Training, Live Training, Just In Time Training, and Trainer Support are not mutually exclusive; they can be combined in many different ways to provide powerful training programs.

Packaged Training

Sample slide from a PowerPoint show.These are typically narrated videos, but they may be as simple as a manual, an automated PowerPoint show, or a series of Web pages. The technologies may include Web pages, PowerPoint, video, audio, still photography, and print. Reviews and quizzes are available and printed manuals may be included. The training packages can be used by individuals or groups.

Computer-based video training is effective and efficient. It delivers concise information tailored to a specific audience. It is available 24 hours a day via the Internet, an office Intranet, a flash drive, or a CD. Once the computer-based training has been developed, it can be used many times with no additional cost. This considerably reduces expenses compared to live training.

A low cost method of developing computer-based training is to develop a PowerPoint slide show, narrate it, and convert it to video. This system was used for the Pickens School Annual Reports.

Live Training

Live or “stand-up” training is useful when interaction between the participants and the trainer is necessary. It allows materials to be distributed at specific points in the training and training methods can adjust to the audience’s knowledge and skills as the session progresses. It allows interaction among trainees such as breaking into smaller work groups for problem solving or brain storming. And, properly developed, live training can be seen as valuable and interesting by participants.

We can provide the entire training or we can support your trainer with materials and assistance with training techniques. We can develop PowerPoint shows (including photography and video), printed handouts, and Web support pages. We can arrange for training sites, refreshments, meals, and technologies such as video projectors.

We have extensive experience with a range of training topics provided in many different venues. Here's a selected list of live training events that Dave Whipp has provided.

Just In Time

"Just-In-Time” training (often refered to as "JIT") is training designed for use when the information is needed. These are short, carefully focused segments containing only the specific information needed to do a task (e.g., preparing for an annual evaluation). Comprehensive training packages can be indexed to allow sections to serve as JIT training. JIT training may be provided by computer-based training, Web pages, or print. Live training is usually not appropriate for this.

Trainer Support

If you have knowledgeable staff who can provide training, their training may be more effective with well-designed support materials such as PowerPoint slides, handouts, and manuals. In addition, staff may benefit from learning additional training techniques. We can assist your staff to provide successful Packaged Training, Live Training, and Just-In-Time training which are discussed above on this page.